This website supports the public exhibition held in July 2010, organised by Quintain Estates and Development plc, the UK property company leading the regeneration of Wembley.
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It provides an update about what is currently happening on the land around Wembley Stadium and explains new plans for the land around the new Brent Civic Centre which will shortly be submitted to Brent Council.

Quintain is already well into the regeneration project, with Wembley Arena and Arena Square successfully operating, the first 500 new homes and shops open and more building work underway on a new hotel and student accommodation. The next phase on the land immediately surrounding the Stadium, where we already have outline planning permission, will see a major retail led mixed use offer, including a 9-screen cinema, bars and restaurants.

Since Quintain's last public exhibition in April 2008, Brent Council has adopted a new Wembley Masterplan document and has also approved the construction of a new Civic Centre opposite Wembley Arena and Arena Square.

There is therefore the need to create a new neighbourhood around the Civic Centre, as well as improve the shopping choices at Wembley. The plans for this area include a retail street which will attract major retailers as well as independent stores back to Wembley, with new homes and affordable workspace set around a new community park.

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